About Me

A 23-year-old girl who’s just trying to get her heart out there.

I’m Bryce

You’ll most likely find me laughing + being weird

I love the sound of joy

I also really love iced coffee

But most importantly, I love God with all of my heart

He blessed me with such a cute husband and a little fur babe.

I’m also about to become a mom! Finally! My husband and I get to welcome a sweet baby boy this August 2018.

This life on Earth is amazing + I’m just here to remind you of that the best way I can, through words.

Believe me, I’ve been hurt countless times. But there is always beauty around the corner.

So please stick around and let me show you how important and loved you are, in a world that tries to do the opposite.

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold.”

Love, Me