The beauty of Time 

Tonight while walking with my two dudes, I realized that a year ago I rarely spent an evening with my husband. Due to working the evening/into night shift, I only saw Anthony when I crawled into bed beside him. Half the time he was already asleep. Working opposite schedules was rough for 3 1/2 years, but now that we are on the same (mostly the same) schedule I get to learn to love my husband in new forms.

I’ve learned that coming home and eating a cooked meal together is something I don’t ever want to go without again. I love standing in the kitchen while we talk about our days and we laugh in mutual wierdness.

I’ve learned that walking my dog while the sun is setting and the sky is painted in pink and orange hues that our God sure did something right when He 1. Made the skies so beautiful and 2. Made four legged fur friends for us to love.

I’ve learned that sitting on my couch while watching Netflix at the end of the night has made my husband into TV series junkies. But not the typical, Pretty Little Liars, The Office, Sunny in Philadelphia kind. More like the we’ve rewatched Friends about 10x since I started my day shift in December. Mind you it’s only May folks. But honey, “I’ll be there for youuuu.”

                          He’s her lobster ❤️

I’ve learned that praying before bedtime is so special when you’re doing it together and not alone. When we pray together, our marriage is blessed. We lift one another up and we thank God for one another while holding each other’s hands and praising our Lord.

When I think about all the nights I did these things alone, I’m humbled when I get to do them with my big dude and my little dude. God’s timing is so perfect. Just when we think we’re going through the motions in solitude, He reminds us He’s been there all along.

How has God’s timing worked in a positive way for you? What are some things you have learned you love about your spouse? Comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you!
XOXO, Bryce

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