Why is it crucial that we lift others up?

It is important that you remember how short life really is. We are never promised tomorrow, and the Lord will return one day to bring us home. So while we are here in our earthly bodies, it is important that we are kind to each other. How often we go throughout our days without thanking someone, without telling our coworkers goodjob, without holding the door open, or even simply smiling at your barista when they hand you your coffee.

The thing is, we are so busy rushing through life that I think we literally forget to s t o p and smell the roses. We are so busy getting from point A to point B that the time in between loses value. Instead of thanking your barista and even stopping 5 more seconds to pay for the car behind you, we’re upset that they added whipped cream to our drink. Instead of telling your coworker how wonderful they did that day, we’re mad at them for handling a patient without telling us. Instead of taking the time to reach out and ask someone how their day is going, we’re worried about what we have planned tonight for Cinco De Mayo.

I have learned that a smile will get you much farther in life than a frown. That taking 5 seconds out of my time to do something nice for someone else is rewarding. Like today, I bought my coworker lunch. I knew I didn’t have to, but I  wanted to. Or letting my roommate borrow my heating pad when her stomach hurts because I want her to feel better. I have learned that being friendly to your significant others ex is better than being enemies. That when I show God’s grace, He blesses me in return.

“When I show Gods grace, He blesses me in return.”

My friends, it is crucial that we remember to s t o p and smell those roses. We need to open the word of God in the mornings and spend time with Him. We need to sit at the dinner table and ask our families how their days went. We need to open the door for the elderly woman at the grocery store and if need be, carry her groceries for her. We need to to tell our teachers how much we appreciate the knowledge they’ve instored in our brains. Believe me, my middle school literacy teachers changed my life. We absolutely must tell our parents that we love them because the older we get, the older they are becoming too.

And at the end of the day when we wash our faces from the long day, we should be able to look into the mirror and see a person who changed a life today with kindness.

I know I can.

Xoxo, Bryce
How did you change someones life today? What act of kindness did someone do for you? Comment below!

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