Little Mama Lambert 

This is why you should follow my cousin Makayla’s blog. 

If you want pure, unedited, and wholesome mothering… she is the girl to learn from. 

Today, she brought not one, but both (two) of her children to the coffee shop to meet me. She was running late, but I didn’t care because she had her hands full. Even though they are both so young, and probably not in the mood to sit at a boring old coffee shop, she still met with me. We got our coffees and we nestled down in the conference room where it was quiet. I attempted to get Liam a chocolate chip scone and we talked about dinosaurs while Easton was bright blue eyed and bouncing. 

She was there to help me with this blog. You see, she has one of her own, Little Mama Lambert. It’s all about motherhood, faith, and life. She’s extremely talented with photography too, so you’ll always be blessed with sweet candid photos of her boys. She talks about raising two little dudes and how God always provides. Even when you feel like you’re completely at your wits end, there is always something so special when your baby tells you they love you. 

So my young mama friends, check her out. I just know her words will warm your hearts and bring you peace that: you are not alone. 

Plus who can resist seeing sweet photos of tiny sleeping babes. Especially cute chunky ones like Easton!

I attached her blog link: I promise you will not regret it ❤️ 
I sure know that I hope to be a great mom like her one day. 
Thank you Makayla for today. It meant the world to me. 

Xoxo, Bryce 

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