Gather ‘Round the Table 

One of my favorite things to do is cook food for the people I love. I’m always hosting huge BBQ’s in my backyard and I cook tons of goodies. 

One time I did three different flavors of pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. For my husbands birthday this year I made three different kinds of wings: honey BBQ, buffalo, and a smokey bacon honey mustard. 

I even hosted Thanksgiving at my house last year. 

But when I’m not cooking for multitudes of folks, I cook for my hubby and sometimes when she is home, my roommate (bestie) Taylor. 

Tonight’s meal: Chicken Taco Pasta but I’m going to rename it Chicken Mac’n’Queso. Strange name now that I typed it out, it sounded way cooler in my head. But believe me when I say, this is delicious! 

I found it on Pinterest today at work and I had to try it out. This is the link: 

You will NOT regret this I promise. 

So mine isn’t the fanciest and it isn’t professional like the photo on Pinterest, but it was perfect. Not to toot my own horn but, toot toot!

And now I sit here and blog away as my sweet husband does the dishes for me and my roommate studies for finals this week. It’s been another beautiful day full of God’s grace and blessings. 

What did you have for dinner tonight? 
Xoxo, Bryce 

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