My last blog has been viewed 800x, 3 different countries, and I am in complete shock because I never thought my blog would even be a blip on anyone’s radar. Love was pouring out to me in messages, comments, shares, etc. 

Women were sharing their stories with me and I just felt this overwhelming happiness come over me. And I thought this is it! My big break! Ellen show here I come! 

And you know what? Those words may have been posted to my blog. Yes, I sat there and I typed them while sitting alone in my work break room. Yes, my heart was in it and my hope was to reach out to others in the same boat as me. But the true author was God. The Lord blessed those words and He created them and through Him they were typed. I was the pen and he wrote away, elegantly and so honestly. 

And you all received His message. And for that I am honored. I am humbled that I was able to bring that to you. And I humbled that I cannot take any of that credit because the glory is to God always. That was His win. That was His message for you sweet mommas-to-be. 

I am so thankful you talked to me and you opened your hearts. I was teary eyed and I was so joyous for the ones who shared that their prayers had been answered and their babies were here in their arms. 

Again, glory to Him. He loves us all so much. 

So do I. 

Always from my heart,


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