Simply Happy 

Sometimes I think we overlook the little things that can bring joy to our lives. We don’t see the underlying sweetness they hold, like a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning. When the sun hasn’t fully come up yet and the house is still quiet. The aroma fills your kitchen and the first sip touches your soul. 

Or a nice sweetened iced tea with a hunk of lemon in it. The way the condensation drips down your mason jar on a hot summer day, and you’re laying their soaking up the Vitamin D sun rays. 

How sweet a little note from your best friend is when they’re proud of your accomplishments and they take the time to write it out for you. And you place it in your car so it’s a constant reminder when things are tough. You just open it up, turn on some Wild Horses, and have a mini jam session in your car with the windows down. And the breeze carries all the worry away. 

There’s something about puppy kisses that just seem to make all the wrong in the world right. And the way they tackle you to the ground makes coming home a little more significant than before. Like a reunion every single day as if you went on this long voyage for months and have finally returned home to your people. And they look at you like you put the stars in the sky. 

Or the way a laugh brews in your belly and then bubbles its way to the top with a gut busting explosion. I love how each laugh is different and unique. It’s my favorite sound and instantly bring the biggest feeling of joy to my heart. It cures all multitudes of sickness and sadness. 

Happiness comes in such variety and can be found in the most mundane things. So the next time your Monday shows you the blues, try to find something to shine. Like an old 90’s classic song on the radio or a text to your mom telling her you love her. 

I know I love all these things 🙂 

What simple pleasure brings your heart joy? Comment below! Maybe I’ll try them out the next time I am need of something! 

Always from my heart to yours,


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