Young Love 

I believe in young love. 

I believe in marriages under the age of 25, I believe in high school sweethearts, I believe in young military couples, and I believe in soulmates. 

The thing is, no one gets to tell you when you’re ready to be in love nor who you get to fall in love with. They can’t tell your heart, “you aren’t ready” because your heart already knows you are. It knew the moment your significant other talked to you for first time and your heart did this fluttering feeling and words didn’t form right out of your mouth. You were starstruck and your heart was saying, “Lord have mercy.” Meanwhile, God was doing a little jig upstairs because you had found the person He created for you. 

I believe in young couples who know they don’t have to date 10 people to find the 1 person they want to spend forever with. I believe in young couples who get married in their early twenties sometimes even younger, and while the rest of their friends think they’re crazy, I’m applauding them. 

Some of my friends thought it was crazy that I married at 21 years old. That I hadn’t lived life enough to know that Anthony was my dude forever. That I hadn’t experienced enough because I didn’t want to sleep around with guys and instead chose one guy to fall asleep to every night for the rest of my life. They thought I was insane when I was 18 years old (when I first started dating Anthony) and I told them I knew I would marry him one day. But I didn’t think it was strange or weird at all. It was right. It was right from the beginning and from the first time I looked into those huge brown eyes. It was right when my heart fluttered and words didn’t form right out of my mouth so I just listened to him talk instead. It was right when minutes felt like hours because time was endless around him. It was right when he placed a ring on my finger and it was right when I said I DO. 

I believe in young couples who have their lives together. Hear me young wives and husbands when I say there is nothing wrong with you. Your friends will think differently of you because you’re married. They will stop inviting you to certain things and they won’t be around as often. Don’t worry. It’s not because they stopped liking you once your last name changed or once you became “tied down.” You’re just in a different phase of life and one day they will join you. And they will see and understand the true awesomeness that marriage is. But in the mean time, love them and remind them they aren’t forgotten just because you’re married. And I think they will return that feeling to you too. 

But also know that it’s ok to say no and stay home with your spouse or do things just with your spouse. It’s not a crime to not want to go out and party when your spouse isn’t home. It’s ok to want to stay home and watch reruns of Friends and eat tacos with your spouse when your friends want to go do something. Your marriage is important and it’s the most important relationship you have. But friendships are important too, so make sure to make time for them. 

I am extremely grateful I met Anthony as young as I did. I get to love him longer and growing up together has been so much fun. Whether I was 18 or 55, I would have picked Anthony. I knew from the get-go he was who I wanted. 

Young love is real and it’s good. I hope you find your true love and they bring you all the happiness in the world. I know that I wouldn’t change a thing about mine. 

Did you meet your spouse at a young age? I would love to hear your story 🙂 Comment below! 
I pray God continues to bless each and every young couple and marriage. 💕
Always from my heart, 


6 thoughts on “Young Love 

  1. Not only was I young, Ross is a chunk older than me. 7.5 years to be exact and we got married 3 months to the day after I turned 21. We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in 1 month and 1 week if you don’t count the last bit of today. We have been very blessed and it was so worth getting married young!

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  2. Not only was I young, Ross is a chunk older than me. 7.5 years to be exact and we got married 3 months to the day after I turned 21. We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in 1 month and 1 week if you don’t count the last bit of today. We have been very blessed and it was so worth getting married young!

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  3. This is beautiful!! David and I met when I was twelve. My best friend told me I would marry him (I laughed). Little did I know our paths would cross again and again. We finally settled down and we’re married at 23. Getting ready to celebrate 10 years! Young love is real.

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  4. I met my fiancé when I was 18, my very first year of college and his senior year. I’d had a running joke with my cousins going tonto college; I was going to meet a super hot young life leader, he would be an identical twin and we’d fall in love. God must have cracked up when I said that because sure enough, I went to Young Life college and fell for a super cute leader who also happened to have an identical twin brother. We’re blessed that we have friends that are married as well, but only because Jared is a few years older than me so his best friend is married and will be part of our bridal party. Jared will be 25 when we get hitched next year and I’ll be 21. I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤

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  5. We were both 16 when we met. I didn’t know that at 16 I would meet the man I could be marrying one day. I wasn’t allowed to dat until my 16th birthday and I obeyed that rule mother had set for me because I don’t think you really know what your doing at a younger age. I still barely knew what I was doing when our relationship hit the one year mark. I never expected the guy I’m still with, 6 years later, would be my soulmate. He is my better half. We’ve had our ups and downs and have gone separate ways and been with others. We have always found our way back to each other. We don’t have a wedding set or even really talk about it. We just take every day like it’s a new and enjoy the time we do spend together. Maybe one day theyll be a wedding but for now I couldn’t even imagine what the future has in store for us.

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