Body Image 

This is Google’s definition for body image. 

the subjective picture or mental image of one’s body

But when it comes to social media, magazine covers, celebrities, and more the definition becomes warped and skewed. We start looking through other eyes and their mental image of what we should be. We think that their opinion of us is better than our own. Even worse, we think their opinion is better than God’s. 

So we’re constantly on this mission of pleasing others. We’re wearing provocative clothing that inhance body parts that ideally were meant to be kept secret. We’re buying makeup that costs us billions of dollars because some celebrity is telling us it will make our lips bigger and then someone might want to kiss us. We’re changing our outside appearance and we’re slowly shaming our inner. Look, if you buy Kylie’s lip kit this post is not to bash you. I am in awe of women who can apply makeup without stabbing their eye every time like I do. I am not gifted in the department of girly things and 90% of the time I don’t wear any makeup at all. My lips are the size of angel hair pasta which we all know is practically nonexistent. And I don’t have the body that makes men stare at me. In fact, young girls are more well-endowed than I am and it’s embarrassing. Seriously though, what are middle schoolers eating that I didn’t have when I was 15 and still not in a training bra? 

But hear me ladies (note that I did not include men in this and that isn’t to say that men aren’t just as self conscious as we are because we all have a guy friend who can out dress us and run circles around us with their good looks) but ladies we are the worst with this. We are born into a world that from the minute you leave your mothers womb someone has formed an opinion of you. “Oh Darla, your little girl is… (long pause here) cute.” When in reality they are analyzing every inch of a babies body wondering if she will grow up to be a “looker” or not. And as that little girl grows, she is being thrown into a pit of “don’t eat too much you will be fat” “oh honey when I was your age I was that scrawny too but after kids, look at me now” “if you got it, flaunt it” etc, etc, etc. 

I am 23 and I way 118 lbs. I was 100lbs when I graduated high school 4 years ago. It took me forever to hit the weight I am now and keep it. I was tired of being called a stick. But now when I see myself naked, I feel gigantic. I wear a 32B bra, finally, after being the laughing stock of my seventh grade literacy classroom where a boy literally sat behind me and would say, “Roses are red. Tires are black. Why is your chest as flat as your back?” every single day. I have acne. It never seems to fully go away no matter what I do. I can’t apply makeup to save my life and I can’t even braid my own hair. I have legs that are 90% of my body and yet they are the one thing I try to cover the most because I am embarrassed of my thighs. So I don’t like going swimming because swimsuits show thighs. I look at myself in mirrors and wonder what my husband sees because I definitely don’t think I am beautiful most days. I am extremely hard on myself with my looks and I try not to stand out because the minute someone looks at me I think they are laughing. 

See the vicious cycle? Because I don’t have a Kardashian booty mixed with Jennifer Aniston looks along with a little bit of Carrie Underwood, I think I am not what the world desires. Too many girls are comparing their body images to the peanut gallery. 

GIRLS. The only man who has the right opinion about you, is God. 

You are altogether beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you. Song of Songs 4:7

It does not matter your pant size, bra size, if you get hit on upfront or gazed at from afar. It does not matter if you were the most popular girl in school or the weirdest. Whether you have a thigh gap or not, or whether your lips are Kylie approved. God made you. He formed you in your mothers womb and He knew your beauty beforehand. He knew that you would be perfectly and wonderfully made and that no outter inhancement would be more beautiful than your heart. Your inner beauty shines through and that is what makes us all jewels. It doesn’t matter if we are in someone’s top 10 or someone’s last choice, because we are always first choice to God. 

I found this quote and loved it. 

So when I start to think about my body image and how I want to crawl into a hole when I see anything jiggle, I remember that God thought about me first, then He made me so wonderfully, and then He loved me no matter what the world thought about me when I entered it.
I hope you know how beautiful you are. I hope your body image is positive. I pray against enemies who try to come and attack your body image and to those who try to tell you that you are not perfect. Because you are. 

I would love to hear some stories from you and I would love to pray over you. Comment below! 
Always from my heart, 


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