I CANT BELIEVE IT. My little fur baby is O N E. 

I begged Anthony for 3 years to let us get a dog. I would see a dog and look at Anthony and just beg and beg. Well our friends Boy Bryce and Caitlin were fostering a dog who was pregnant. When she gave birth we went over there to see the cute puppers. And that’s when we fell in love.

He was the cutest and most perfect little rugrat. Tiny speckled paws and this poofy white chest. He reminded me so much of my dog, Otis, who had passed away 2 years before. Spitting image almost. And I cried because Otis and I had a special bond and losing him was such a hard thing to go through. I had Otis for 13 years. 

And so I begged Anthony again, and luckily that little rugrat snuggled his way into Anthony’s heart too. We picked him up a few weeks later and our lives were changed forever.

We absolutely love every twitch you make when you want something. We love the way you walk crooked on your leash so that you’re always able to see us behind you. We love your spunky personality. We love the way you curl up between us at bedtime and right when we go to snuggle you, you run away because snuggling only happens on your terms. We love the way you play ball for hours and can catch things midair. Or the way you stick your little tongue out when you’re tired. Mostly we love the way you complete our little family. 

To many more years of your cute self. 

Happy first birthday Odie J. 


Mom & Dad 

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