Who Am I? 

I’ve been wondering lately what kind of blogger category do I fall under? 

I’m not a mom, yet. So I can’t post super sweet photos of kiddos and products I use for my kiddos (Totes ready to do that one day though). I’m not extremely fashionable, yet I do think I have good taste. However, Nike shorts and Chacos aren’t exactly what girls are pinning to their Pinterest boards. Plus my house isn’t gigantic and I don’t have the most expensive items inside. But my home is a home and it’s so welcoming with my homemade chalkboards and my family photos. 

So I start wondering what in the world do I bring to the table? What makes my blog special? 

My husband was telling me tonight that my niche is I’m relatable. Well at least I hope I am. He said I have a way of writing a subject and my viewers saying, “oh my gosh Bryce. Amen!” Now granted my husband has to tell me sweet things right? He is obligated to tell me my blog is the bees-knees. No, Anthony tells me how it is. He doesn’t falsely build me up. I appreciate that so much, even if sometimes the truth hurts. He always makes me work hard and reminds me that nothing is ever handed to us. 

We have to work hard + pray even harder. 

So, I sit here and I type out this.. 

I’m Bryce Mckenzie Padilla. I’m here to pour my heart out to you + hope that I’ve brought you some kind of comfort. Maybe even hope. That in this cruel world, there is always something to be thankful for, always a moment to show grace, always a time to celebrate, and always a reason to wake up tomorrow. No matter how bleak the moment your in right now is. 

With that being said, I’m a from-the-heart blogger. I’m not sponsored. I don’t have any products coming to me in the mail to share with you. I don’t have the trendiest clothes or home. I don’t have it all together 90% of the time. But I’m a firm believer in love + sharing that love. 

So I hope that my blogs represent my message. And I hope you know I love you all. 

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