When it comes to this blogging stuff I tend to find myself a little lost. I’ve figured out what kind of blogger I am, but what steps do I take now to become even better? 

First off, I follow some amazing bloggers on Instagram. Some of them even found me and I was totally shocked! I am not incredibly tech-savvy so however they found me, I am so thankful. 

I’ve been reading and studying how they go about things and I aspire to be as well-known one day for my little blogs. But to get there, I definitely need to put in the hard work. So, I have some goals for my blog that I plan to stick to. And hopefully you reading this will help hold me accountable 🙂 

1. Post one blog a week : two if possible 

2. Find ways to put my blog into the blogging community 

3. Collab with someone 

4. Get creative with my posts 

5. Gain a bigger following + follow more amazing people 

6. Touch hearts + change lives. Ultimately this is my goal no matter how big or small my blog is. I just want to make your day better than it started. 
With this being said, I look forward to seeing my goals become reality and I know that with God beside me and my heart open, I can do this. 

Post a comment below if you have specific topics you would like me to write about or have any questions you would like me to answer ❤️

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