Acts of Kindness 

There are 24 hours in a day. So why do we usually go an entire day where we forget to do something nice for someone other than ourselves? 

I work at a coffee shop and I always think to myself, “what if one person paid for the person behind thems drink? Then that person does the same and so on.” Then before we know it 12 people in a row could be paying for someone else’s drink. A chain of kindness. 

Or maybe you see your friend is having a rough week and they make a comment they need a pick-me-up so you go and get them something. Like tonight, my best friend Taylor wanted ice cream. She works so hard in school + working two jobs. I think it’s incredible how much she fits into her 24 hour day. So, I went and I bought her ice cream. It’s that simple to show someone you love them. 

Or the other day when I needed a friend and my best friend Conner sent me a really sweet text telling me that everything will be ok. It instantly made my night so much better ❤️

All it takes is one act of kindness to turn someones day around. We never know what the other is going through. 

So I challenge you the rest of this week to find one nice thing to do for someone each day. If you’re really feeling up to it, maybe do one or two nice things! 

Some ideas:

• hold the door open for someone 

• buy the person behind you a drink 

• send flowers to a family member 

• call your grandparents and tell them you love them

• make dinner for your parents 

• give a homeless person a jacket or blanket you have around the house you never use anymore – especially with fall and winter around the corner 

The Bible says this, 

So be the light in this dark world so that others may see His light shine through you. 

If you have performed an act of kindness today or this week, please comment below and let me know! I would love to hear how you have shown your light! 🙂 

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