Twenty-three you crept up so quickly this year. Twenty-two seemed to have taken its time but you did not waste a second coming and going. You brought with you a new sense of self-being. 

You came in the form of a stronger + more loveable shape. Where you see the reflection in the mirror and you’re comfortable with it. Twenty-two constantly felt like it needed to change. Never seeming to please anyone around it. But twenty-three you came in and showed me that I didn’t need 30 people in one room to tell me I’m loved, all I needed were the people who stuck around + hadn’t left. You came to me in forms of wonderful friendships and supportive family members. 

You came with test results that were calming to the questioning twenty-two year old worry of possible breast cancer. But instead you told me, “there is no sign. These lumps are fibroidadenomas. This is good news.” You came in with thoughtful gifts and phone calls early in the mornings from aunts and uncles singing Happy Birthday while you wiped away the tired eyes of twenty-two.

Twenty-three you were reminding me of a loving husband whose spent the last 5 birthdays continuously making me feel important. Never leaving out a second where I didn’t feel incredibly happy. 

Twenty-three you looked me in the eyes and you said, “This is your year. To shine Gods light brighter than you ever have before. To love people more than you ever have before. To learn more than you ever have before. To grow. To expand your family. To travel. And to be the best version of yourself yet.” 

Twenty-two you were in fact wonderful. You were full of changes good + bad. You were damaged + then rebuilt. You were heartless + heartfelt. But most importantly you were me. You were who I needed to be when and where I needed to be present. 

They say no one likes you when you’re twenty-three. I’m here to change that. 

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