Get Silly 

If you want to have a healthy + happy relationship, you have to find someone who loves and accepts you for exactly who you are. 

Now if you find someone who will also dance in their underwear with you, willingly might I add, then homegirl/homeboy you have found your missing half. 

Sometimes people will ask, “what is the best part of your marriage?” And I always say that Anthony is equally as goofy as I am. He loves to have a good time and he doesn’t care what other people think. If I want to do the Risky Business dance in our kitchen late at night, he joins me without hesitation. He talks to me in British accents and he makes up songs about doing dishes while doing the dishes. From day one he never thought I was “immature” or I was “weird” for being exactly who I am. Which just so happens to be very weird and sometimes a little immature. (Guilty) 


Because my husband lets me be me. He lets me dance like a complete and utter fool in the grocery store just because Beyoncé comes on and I feel the beat in my feet. He loves me even though I have extremely dumb phobias and I can’t go places alone. He lets me take 25 minutes in a Starbucks Drive-thru even though I literally order the same drink every single time. He has never once made me feel like I was anything but special. And so very, very, very loved.

So I ask you this, wait for the person who will willingly dance in their underwear with you. And if they let you post it all over social media too, put a ring on it little mama! 

This life is too short to let someone change who you are. Don’t ever let someone come into your life and tell you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, smart enough, etc. because the right person is going to see you and think, “Dang. Does it get any more perfect than this?” 

So do your thang little mama. Be weird. 

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