This One Is For The Girls: Part One

When I first started out blogging I had another website called The Little Padilla Wife. This post is from that site and I will actually be adding on to it in another post.

But without further to do..

Part One:

This post is for the girls who never thought they were noticed. Whether that be by the boy you had a massive crush on from freshman to senior year or it be the teacher who never saw your full potential as a student. Or perhaps you were never noticed by the coach who sat you on bench. This post is for the girls who were just “one of the guys” and your best friend was actually the love of your life. You would sit there and listen to him talk about his secret crushes and you’d watch him get his heart-broken. You sang every single Taylor Swift song from album 1 to album 3 because they related to every inch of your life. We all know that Teardrops on My Guitar was our anthem. This post is for the girls who didn’t party and didn’t drink in high school. You didn’t show much skin and you weren’t well-endowed in the womanly figure department. You weren’t always well put together on the outside but you were always very well put together on the inside. This post is for the girls who had their hearts broken multiple times and somehow you kept it all together when everyone else thought for sure that you would fall completely apart. You were played by the “older boy” but you didn’t know it yet while you watched him play on the baseball team. He talked to you while he talked to your best friend simultaneously. He broke your friendship (at the time), he ruined your confidence, and he destroyed your idea on high school love. This post is for the girl who was finally noticed by someone. You were shocked that the boy whose science class that was next to yours your sophomore year noticed you. You’d silently walk behind him in the hallways wondering every step what he was thinking about in that beautiful head of his. He became your first true love and you saw your entire future in his blue eyes. He was your first public kiss because all the others were hidden. He was your first hand hold in the hallways. This post is for the girls who gave that first love a piece of you that you’ll never get back. Whether it be as heart shattering as your virginity or maybe just your heart in general. He crushed your entirety and he ran it over with his big lifted truck. This post is for the girl who let her heartbreak make her bitter for a long time. You wished that love never existed and therefore you didn’t allow anyone else to ever love you again because surviving the first heartbreak was hard enough. So you looked for fake love. The kind that is cheap and isn’t supposed to hurt. But again, you end up just as sad as before.

This post is for the girls who were going to completely give up. We’ve all said once, “I’m never dating again till I’m like 30 or something.” But God had other plans for you all along. Because this post is for the girls who HAVE found and for the girls who WILL find the MAN that God created for you, not the boy.

You will be put back piece by piece. You will be told every single day that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are so much more than enough. You will feel secure again. You will feel confident again. Your beauty will shine and he will see it. He will embrace it. This post is to tell you that you will be loved. That surviving your first heartbreak of many will be hard. But my sweet girl, it’s worth it. When the man comes along in your life, he will flip it upside down and it will all make sense. Happily Ever After doesn’t just have to be a fairy tale that we read as young girls. It can be reality. It will be reality.

This post is to tell you to wait, be patient, pray hard, hold your heart close, and know that someone out there right this second is looking for someone exactly like you. So don’t change. Don’t let that high school boy change you. Don’t let the valleys stop you from the high peaks. Real love is worth the wait. So hold on girl. I know how hard it is, but hold on.

“Be the kind of woman who doesn’t spend her days worrying about the future because she knows that no matter what does or doesn’t happen this week, this semester, or this year, God will still fulfill His promises to her.”


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