I haven’t posted for quite some time now and I have been so busy as this year comes to a close.

But as I reflect on how quickly this year ended, I’m humbled by the moments that made it such a wonderful year.

We began the year by welcoming my cute little niece, Ailish. I had never felt consumed by a love like I did when I became an Aunt.

She entered the world and she entered our hearts forever. It’s been incredible watching her grow this past year into the smart, spunky, and cute little girl she is.

The year then took us into the season of our first wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to Seattle for a week of adventure, all while freezing our buns off.

We went to the top of the Needle, we rode on the Ferris Wheel, we chewed gum and stuck it to the wall, we cruised through the Market, and we got to eat some French Macaroons.

Once home, the year then showed us that our sweet friend Rachel would be bringing a boy into the world. We ate cake, laughed, and counted the minutes till August when he would arrive.

One of my longest friends, Christina, got married and announced to us that she too would be bringing a baby into the world.

And I cried 😂

We ended up attending quite a few weddings this year:

Paul & Rosa, Lexi & Jonathan, Ian & Bailey, Kurt & Sandra, and Megan & Bryan. And if I don’t mind saying, I sure had some cute dates beside me ❤️


We bought our first house this summer!

Rachel’s baby boy, Jeremiah Jordan Whitman was born in August.

I got to watch my friend Caden whom I’ve been close with since 6th grade, propose to our cute friend Nikki and I was so honored to be there.

This year hasn’t been completely smooth though, we lost friends, sickness was a household member of ours, jobs were changed, and infertility had a grasp upon my hope.

Anthony’s grandpa was diagnosed with the end stages of ALS and we have been holding on to all the moments we still have together.

 The year is now ending and we have so much to look forward to this next year of 2018. We see blessings, prayers answered, financial stability, miracles in the valley, and our hope is that more and more people come to know the Lord. We have loved 2017 and I can’t thank you all enough for helping me get my blog up and running this year. More to come! Happy New Year!

Love, Bryce

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