Baby Padilla

I have waited my entire life to become a mom.


If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that for some time now my husband and I have been trying to have our first baby. It’s been a year of LOTS of tears, negative pregnancy tests, hormone therapy, and prayers. At the beginning of December our prayers were finally answered. I was uneasy at first when we decided to go buy some pregnancy tests. I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m just going to go into labor one day and that’s when I’ll know that I’m pregnant.” But my husband and my sister-in-law convinced me that maybe this time.. was the time.


I had been EXTREMELY emotional for a week prior. I would start crying because I couldn’t find a pair of shoes to wear or I was too hot. I mean, I’m an emotional person in general, but this was WAY worse than normal haha. So, in order to save money we went to the dollar store to buy the tests. I couldn’t get myself to spend 50+ dollars on tests anymore after spending probably over 300$ throughout the year on them. So, we bought the tests and we went home. Well, my parents were coming over for dinner that night and we definitely didn’t want them to know what we were up to that evening. So as soon as they left I went and took the tests. Thankfully I had been chugging water all night long so that I could be fully prepared. I took the first one and there it was.. two little pink lines. The second one was faint though and I assumed it wasn’t true because they were just “cheap dollar store tests.” So I called Tevis and she brought over a bunch of Clear Blue tests for me. I took the other dollar store tests, and again, two pink lines. When I took the first Clear Blue test the next three minutes felt like 300 years. But there it was as clear as day.. “PREGNANT.” And I just began crying and shaking and Anthony held me in his arms and Tev wrapped us both into her arms. We were all SO overjoyed. FINALLY! The prayers we had been praying and the prayers of all our friends and family had been answered. I was going to be a mom & Anthony was going to be a dad.


Well we had gone back and calculated and it turned out I was 3 weeks pregnant by that time already. I took about 10 positive pregnancy tests total and I called and made an appointment with our doctor, Dr. Robbins. So now the struggle would be not telling our parents till Christmas. But the moment we got to announce that they would be grandparents again was the best feeling. There were tears, hugs, and so much excitement. Oh, and nausea. Lots and lots of nausea.

Finally at 10 weeks we were able to have our first ultrasound appointment and I can’t even explain the feeling that takes over when you see YOUR baby for the first time. You grow up watching movies where women go to their ultrasound and all the love stories show the man and woman embracing each other as they see their babe up on the screen, and you go “aww.” But when it’s your own baby, there isn’t a word worthy enough to describe the beauty and the emotion that takes over your body. Especially as a woman, knowing that I’m carrying this precious gift inside me, it’s overwhelming and it’s so beautiful. I am honored beyond measure to carry this babe with me everywhere I go for the next 28 weeks or so. Every time I feel sick to my stomach, or a smell is overbearing, or I can’t fit into my pants because I’m already showing, I just say a quick ‘thank you’ to the man upstairs because I have finally learned that HIS timing truly is the BEST timing. I used to get so upset when people would tell me that, but it’s truly the most honest thing in the world.


So, now I’ve finally been able to announce this to you all.. be prepared for a multitude of blogs and photos to come. This momma-to-be is just darn excited and blessed to have this opportunity. I hope I can be the best mom that I can and I know that Anthony is going to take the dad role by a storm. He’s already the coolest guy I know so this will only make him cooler haha


Thank you again for all the congratulations, love, prayers, kind words, and more. It’s been such a roller-coaster but I’m grateful that you’ve all been there for us every step of the way.

From my overjoyed heart to yours,


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