Who Am I

When someone asked me the other day what I thought about myself, I didn’t know how to reply.

I mean, obviously you want to reply with “Well I’m pretty darn great, duh.” And then maybe add in a hair flip and walk off like you own the joint.


Lets be real friends, I am definitely not all that and a bag of chips. And don’t I know it too!

But I started to really think long & hard about who in the world I am and just exactly what I thought about myself. It’s SO easy to think about ourselves negatively, I know that I am absolutely my biggest critic. Plus I’ve had my fair share of other critics not holding back about what they think of me. And if you’re anything like I am, then you take those words to heart and you let them take over your entire life.

But how often do we actually look at ourselves and think positively?

How often do we think about all the people we made smile today? Or maybe all the things we’ve achieved. Perhaps we could even look at ourselves in the mirror and instead of seeing the outer exterior that we tend to criticize, we could take a look at our minds, heart, goals.

Now a days when I look at myself, I see my baby bump growing. Before, I would have been so upset by the weight gain and the fact that I don’t fit in “size small” anymore. That would have mortified me before. But now I see it as something so beautiful. And I see a mother in the mirror. I see the heart that has been longing to love and yearning to help nurture. I see a womb that has been perfectly created to be the right atmosphere for a growing human. I mean c’mon people, I AM GROWING A HUMAN! And if that alone doesn’t make me feel good about myself, then maybe the attitude I have to serve others will.

Maybe I could answer the “Who I am” question by looking at a room full of people I love and knowing I’m loved in return. And I could say, “I’ve lived my life well if I can fill a room with people that I love.”

Or maybe I could say, “Who am I? Well, I’m a wife.” I could look at the way my husband and I have connected and how we can spend every second together and not get tired. How we feed off each other’s creativity and silliness. How we both love the Lord with all of our hearts. How we pray for another daily. I could tell someone that I’m a fervent prayer warrior. That I have a list of things and people that I make sure I think about before bed.

I could totally answer the question with “I’m a dog mom” because my little fur babe is my life haha

But on a serious note, who do you think you are?

Are you a good friend? Do you drop what you’re doing to help someone? Do you live your life to serve others or do you live your life waiting for others to serve you? Do you see someone who is worth loving and do you try to reciprocate that love outward?

When asked the question, “what do you think about yourself?” I know now that I can reply with this:

I’m Bryce and I’m a hot mess. But I’m stitched together with the best intentions and a heart full of love. I mess up a lot, and I’m definitely nowhere near perfect nor will I ever be. But I’m exactly who God created me to be, and I’m happy with that.”

Now, what’s your answer?

Comment below and let me know what you think about yourself 🙂

Xoxo, Bryce

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