It’s a Boy!

What a day it has been!

Full of food, friends, family, and blue confetti that I’ll never fully get out of my yard or house.

But it was sure worth it.

Well, it’s official news folks! Anthony & I will be welcoming a little boy into the world this August. After all the negative pregnancy tests and tears, we finally know exactly who we created. It’s been a wild ride so far and I know it’s only going to get better.

A BOY!! What?! We thought for sure we were having a girl. Don’t get me wrong, we are extremely excited to be having a sweet boy, but we were a little saddened that our “girl” dreams weren’t truly accurate. Or at least for this baby 🙂 maybe next time we will be having pink confetti everywhere. But nonetheless, we are so grateful that the Lord chose us to raise this young man.

I’m looking forward to “momma’s boy” moments and to see him follow around his older cousin Ailish. They will be 18 months apart and it will be so sweet to see them play. It’s my parents first grandson and that in itself is such a cool feeling knowing they will have one of each now. As for Anthony’s side, this will be the second great-grandson and second grandson. And on my side (cousin wise) this will be the fourth great-grandson.

I’m SO thankful that my baby is going to be surrounded by a bunch of tiny cousins to play with and grow. I was the youngest grand baby on my dads side and all of my cousins were older than me so I didn’t have anyone tiny like me other than my brother. But my boy will have lots of other boy cousins to be rough and tough with and that makes me so darn happy.

I feel him squirm a bunch now and I think he knows that momma and daddy know he’s in there now.

Oh Luke, the more I feel you kick the more I can’t wait to meet you in person.

My house will be filled with my dudes. My big dude (Anthony), my medium dude (Odie J our dog), and now my little dude. I’ll be the only girl but that just gives them all the reason to spoil me right? 😘

How lucky are we to have so much love around us and this little one. Blessed beyond measure for sure.

Stay tuned for all my Luke adventures to come. It’s going to be the best adventure yet.

Xoxo, Bryce the boy momma

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