White walls

We have white walls finally painted in our nursery for our little boy. It feels fresh in that room now. Brighter. Like new beginnings.

Which makes sense because it is a new beginning. I mean, we’re going from a family of three (we include our dog in the equation) to a family of four. The room that was always going to be a nursery one day is actually going to be a nursery now. It’s no longer the storage room of odd ball items. It’s going to be the room our little one falls asleep in every night and wakes up in the next day. It’s going to be where we dress him and change him. Where we say our good night prayers and give our good morning kisses. It’s going to have a purpose. The best purpose. It’s for our little boy.

We still have a ton to do: paint furniture, build a crib, build a glider, put in closet organizers and shelves, decorate, etc.

But just these white walls alone sure make my momma heart happy. It’s the start of something new. 💙

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