Every package is a gift

There is beauty to be found in every woman. No matter how the packaging she comes in looks- it’s all beautiful. Every bow, ribbon, sparkle, design, and yes even the scotch tape strategically hidden to cover the slightly ripped areas. She’s beautiful.

Sometimes she comes in a smaller package and sometimes she comes in a bigger one.

If you choose to base your opinions of her solely on her packaging, then my friend, you are missing out on the gift within.

She’s outgoing, kind, determined, stubborn, emotional, loving, selfless, and more. She’s full of stories and wisdom. She’s full of hurt and pain. She’s trying to find out who she is. She’s adventurous and sometimes shy.

She has more to her than the curves you feel around the edges of the package. She has more than the pretty ribbons she’s placed to capture your attention. She’s more than the size of the box she comes with.

There are areas that scotch tape has been strategically placed to help cover her “ripped” areas. Almost everyone has some scotch tape somewhere helping hold them together.

My hope is you’ll take the time to admire her for what’s inside and not just her outer appearance.

She’s a gift. Treat her like one. Don’t treat her as if she can be thrown away or returned due to damage. She’s exactly how she’s supposed to be in this moment of life. She’s exactly how God created her – so delicately and with so much intention to every inch of her.

It’s important to know that. To know that she was made so wonderfully and she has a purpose in this world. That she’s capable of anything she sets her mind to and it doesn’t matter what size she is. She can be whatever she dreams to be. It’s important to know that her self worth doesn’t come from pretty wrapping or the fanciest decorations she uses. It’s what’s inside.

Treasure her. Love her.

And ladies, treasure and love yourself too.


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