It’s a Boy!

What a day it has been! Full of food, friends, family, and blue confetti that I'll never fully get out of my yard or house. But it was sure worth it. Well, it's official news folks! Anthony & I will be welcoming a little boy into the world this August. After all the negative pregnancy [...]

Who Am I

When someone asked me the other day what I thought about myself, I didn't know how to reply. I mean, obviously you want to reply with "Well I'm pretty darn great, duh." And then maybe add in a hair flip and walk off like you own the joint. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lets be real friends, I am [...]

17 weeks

I haven't posted a blog since we announced our pregnancy 5 weeks ago! Can you believe that was already f i v e weeks ago?! This pregnancy is flying by so quickly and I'm just trying to soak up every last second that comes with each week. 17 weeks has brought some new things with [...]