I CANT BELIEVE IT. My little fur baby is O N E.  I begged Anthony for 3 years to let us get a dog. I would see a dog and look at Anthony and just beg and beg. Well our friends Boy Bryce and Caitlin were fostering a dog who was pregnant. When she gave [...]


I always thought that getting pregnant was easy. You know, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. So I fell in love, I'm married, but where's my baby? Nursery rhymes made it sound like it was a piece of cake.  Too bad my cravings for cake are not related [...]

Little Mama Lambert 

This is why you should follow my cousin Makayla's blog.  If you want pure, unedited, and wholesome mothering... she is the girl to learn from.  Today, she brought not one, but both (two) of her children to the coffee shop to meet me. She was running late, but I didn't care because she had her [...]

Ailish Ann 

Growing up you don't ever really think of your siblings as a parent one day. Their always the one who joins you at the, "eeews!" when you see your parents kissing. Or they are the one who keep your secrets. You can't imagine them in charge of someone else or grounding for missing a curfew. [...]